Page 57-58 “Meanwhile I saw a  …………… appeared alien to me”

Read the extract & complete the activities given below.    [12]

A1] Global Understanding-                                                            [2]

State whether the following statements are true or false

  1. The writer had no food left in his tiffin.
  2. The villager Raju was afraid by the alarm calls.
  3. The writer carried a bag with him.
  4. The writer lost his way but appeared unaffected.

A2] Complex factual                                                                       [2]

   Complete –

  1. The writer met a villager ______
  2. Umbarzara was the haven __________

A3] Analysis –                                                                                    [2]

Give Reasons-

  1. The writer did not feel like eating anything.
  2. The writer resisted his feeling of shouting to his heart’s content.

A4] Personal Response:                                                                  [2]

Write in short about the precautions you would take while travelling alone.

A5] Language study –                                                                      [2]

Do as directed:

i] I will take this route

    [Rewrite using the modal auxiliary showing ‘obligation’]

ii] Unbarzara is the haven for tigers.

  [Frame a rhetorical question]

A6] Vocabulary –                                                                              [2]

Use the following words/phrases in sentences of your own –

  1. haven
  2. to one’s heart’s content


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