2.1 Cherry Tree – Activity 1

 Read the following extract & complete the activities given below. [10]

‘Eight years have passed

Since I placed my cherry seed in the grass.

“Must have a tree of my own,” I said,

And watered it once & went to bed

And forgot; but cherries have a way of growing,

Though no one’s caring very much or knowing.

And suddenly that summer near the end of May,

I found a tree had come to stay.

It was very small, five months child,

Lost in the tall grass running wild.

Goats ate the leaves, the grass cutter scythe

Split it apart and a monsoon blight

Shriveled the slender stem…. Even so,

Next spring, I watched three new shoots grow,

The young tree struggle, upward thrust

Its arms in a fresh fierce lust

For light and air and sun.

I could only wait as one

Who watched wandering, While Time and the rain

Made a miracle from green growing pain…..’

A1] Global Understanding      [2]

Complete –

The threats to the cherry tree –

  1. ______
  2. ______
  3. ______
  4. ______                                                                                                        

A2] Inference/Interpretation. [2]

Explain how the tree showed its determination to grow against all odds.

A3] Personal Response            [2]

If you plant a seed/sapling how would you take care of it. Explain

A4] Poetic Devices                   [2]

“shriveled the slender stem….”

Name the figure of speech in the above line & write another example of the same from the extract.

A5] Poetic Creativity               [2]

Compose four poetic lines on nature & its wonders.

Oh! How lovely is this Nature

Gives something to every creature











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