‘Have you earned your tomorrow?’ This is a simple and optimistic poem written by American writer of British origin Edgar Guest. The poet has made use of rhetorical questions to inspire and convey his ideas. This is an unique and innovative style used by the poet. The title of the poem arouses interest. Reference of common day-today activities instantly creates a connection with this poem.

The theme of the poem is that whatever good deeds we do today will definitely earn us are tomorrow. The poet forces the readers to reflect upon their negative actions. The poem makes the readers to sensitively think, ponder about their daily activities.

Poetic devices like Alliteration, Synecdoche & Interrogation are used. Visual imagery is a special feature of this poem. The rhyme scheme of the poem is aabb

The message of the poem is that we earn a bright future because of the good and kind actions that we do every day. We should be kind to everybody always and everywhere. We must make each day of our life meaningful.

I like the poem as it contributes in improving the lives of others. It teaches compassion & kindness.  The poet genuinely urges people to make others’ lives better. It is truly an inspirational poem.

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