2.3 The Inchcape Rock – Activity 2

Read the extract & complete the activities given below. [10]

The buoy of the Inchcpe Bell was seen
A darker speck on the ocean green;
Sir Ralph the Rover walk’d his deck,
And fix’d his eye on the darker speck.

He felt the cheering power of spring,
It made him whistle, it made him sing;
His heart was mirthful to excess,
But the Rover’s mirth was wickedness.

His eye was on the Inchcape Float;
Quoth he, “My men, put out the boat,
And row me to the Inchcape Rock,
And I’ll plague the Abbot of Aberbrothok.”

The boat is lower’d, the boatmen row,
And to the Inchcape Rock they go;
Sir Ralph bent over from the boat,
And he cut the bell from the Inchcape Float.

Down sank the Bell with a gurgling sound,
The bubbles rose and burst around;
Quoth Sir Ralph, “The next who comes to the Rock,
Won’t bless the Abbot of Aberbrothok.”

Sir ralph the Rover sail’d away,
He scour’d the seas for many a day;
And now grown rich with plunder’d store,
He steers his course for Scotland’s shore.

 A1] Global Understanding [2]

Arrange the following sentences in proper sequence as per their occurrences in the extract.

  1. The bell sank deep into the sea.
  2. Sir Ralph the Rover rowed to the Inchcape Rock.
  3. While walking on the deck of his ship Sir Ralph the Rover noticed the tiny spot.
  4. Sir Ralph cut the bell off the float.

A2] Inference [2]

Describe Sir Ralph the Rover’s state of mind.

A3] Personal Response [2]

“Jealousy is the most incurable defect” – Explain

A4] Poetic Devices [2]

‘It made him whistle, it made him sing’

Name & explain the figure of speech in the above line. Find & write one example of the same from the extract.

A5] Poetic Creativity [2]

‘Down sunk the bell with a gurgling sound

The bubbles rose & burst into a mess



Read the 5th stanza of the extract. Compose the 3rd & the 4th line with the rhyme scheme abab or abcb.


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