1.6 Into the Wild Lost in the jungle – Part I – Activity 1
Part I – Lost in the jungle – Activity-1
Page 56-57 “The eight & a half hour …………… had moved away”
Read the extract & complete the activities given below. [12]
A1] Global Understanding- [2]
Arrange the following incidents in the sequence as they occur in the extract-
(a) The writer walked 15 meters to enter in the leopard’s zone.
(b) The writer noticed a fresh scat lying on the ground.
(c) The langurs spread to nearby treetops.
(d) The writer heard the langurs giving alarm call for the leopard.
A2] Complex factual [2]
Mention two clues that made the writer aware of the presence of a leopard apart from the langur’s alarm call.
A3] Analysis – [2]
Explain – The writer says – ‘I was alone here like a fox’
A4] Personal Response [2]
Do you like adventures? Explain.
A5] Language study – [2]
Do as directed:
i] The fading alarm calls were still heard.
[Rewrite the sentence beginning with ‘I still……’]
ii] The langur is most reliable when it comes to finding clues about the presence of the apex predators in the jungle.
[Change into Positive degree]
A6] Vocabulary – [2]
Find words from the extract with the meaning –
i] disturbance –
ii] an animal preying on another animal –
iii] encircling in the air –
iv] deerlike animal with horns –


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