1.2 On saying ‘Please’ – Activity – 2

Page 16 – 17 ‘I should like to ”feature” ……………….. an action had given me’.

Read the extract & complete the following activities [12]

A1] Global Understanding-[2]

Choose & write two correct sentences from the following that best explains the theme of the extract.

  1. Courtesy, civility & morality are important in daily behaviour.
  2. Pretending of having forgotten to carry money for the ticket fare is a stale old trick
  3. All bus conductors are not the same everywhere.
  4. There is definitely a good impact of good temper & kindliness in society.

A2] Complex factual [2]

Find & Write two contrasting features each of the polite conductor & the unpleasant specimen from the extract.

A3] Analysis – [2]

The narrator’s bus experience was surprisingly pleasant. Explain.

A4] Personal Response[2]

Discuss the importance of good manners in life.

A5] Language study – [2]

Do as directed:

  1. You will meet an unpleasant specimen who regards the passengers as his natural enemies. [Remove ‘who’ & rewrite the sentence]
  2. I am disposed to think that these are a few classes of men. [ Rewrite the sentence using the gerund form of the underlined word]

A6] Vocabulary – [2]

Find words from the extract for the following –

  1. dishonest person –
  2. happily –
  3. painful experience –
  4. settled –     

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