1.2 On to the summit : We reach the top – Activity – 1

Read the extract & complete the activities given below. [12]

When we left Camp 9:00 on Friday morning, I was determined to get to the top on this day. That morning I remember thinking, “I was to get to the top even if I die.” I was not afraid to die that day. We set out early and all the way from Camp nine to the peak we alternated.

I would take the lead and then Hillary. The man who follows when climbing has a difficult job both in climbing up and climbing down. He is the anchor. The man going in the lead cuts the steps and breaks the way.

 In my pocket I had four Flags. When we were still at camp four, Colonel Hunt gave me three flags, those of Britain the United Nations and Nepal. He charged me with the duty of planting them on the top of the world

“These three flags are in your care”, he said. “When you and Hillary reach the top, put them at the peak. I am sure that you and Hillary are going to do it,”

I told Colonel Hunt that I was carrying the Indian flag with me and I would like to be on the top with the other flags. I had to ask Colonel Hunt’s permission in his capacity as leader of the Expedition.

 Indian flag

Colonel Hunt said, “by all means. I am glad to know that you brought an Indian flag.”

After one hour of steady going, we cut across from the south face and started up the west side where we had to pass up a steep line of rocks. This was slow and difficult. Once we had cleared these there was nothing barring our way to top but a  snow-covered incline, sloping less and less as it neared the top.

 These last 60 or 70 feet up the top were not very dangerous. But we kept up the same steady pace. And we reached the small flattened summit almost together :

During the last 50 feet from the peak, Hillary and I were moving about 20 feet apart. We were tied together with rope. Most of the time the rope was loose, but when we went over dangerous ground, we drew a taut.

 This rope was a symbol. It tied us together. One could not move without the other. We were not two individuals but a team.

A1] Global Understanding-[2]

Fill in the blanks with appropriate details from the extract –

  • The two mountaineers first to reach the summit


  • ____________________
– Colonel Hunt

A2] Complex factual –[2]

Complete the sentences –

  1. It was Tenzing’s determination that day to _____
  2. Tenzing carried the flags of ________________

A3] Analysis –[2]

Give reasons for the rope being called a symbol.

A4] Personal Response : 2]

Write in short your opinion about adventure sports.

A5] Language study -[2]

Do as directed:

  1. I was not afraid to die that day. [Rewrite the sentence using the gerund form of the underlined/highlighted word]
  2. This was slow and difficult. [Use ‘not only….but also’ and rewrite the sentence]

A6] Vocabulary – [2]

Find words/expression from the extract with the following meaning –

  1. The highest point of a hill or a mountain –
  2. slope –
  3. changed places –
  4. something that gives support –



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