1.2 On to the summit : We reach the top – Activity 3

Read the extract & complete the activities given below.[12]

My first thought on reaching the top was a sense of gratitude to God, that after having failed six times, He had blessed me with fulfilment of this desire. I had held so long.

I placed on the summit the offerings to God I had carried with me. This is in accord with my religion. Both my wife and I are Buddhists. I could not kneel because of my clothes and Equipment. But I offered a silent prayer in my heart.

The offerings were biscuits, candy and a little blue pencil. My youngest daughter, Nima had given me the pencil before I left home. She asked me to put it on the top of the mountain as her offering. It was an ordinary blue pencil not even a long one, but it was one of her prized possessions.

As I put it down I pointed it out to Hillary. He gave me a big smile showing that he understood.

Then I got out the flags, which I had on piece of string about four feet long. I fastened one end to my ice axe and Hillary took pictures as I held it up.

As I had to bring my ice axe down with me I buried one end of the string in the ice on the top, and the other in snow on the slope down below. When we left, they were lying flat against the summit.

I was very thirsty. I took out a water tumblr for a drink, but found the water in the metal container quench satisfy one’s had frozen so I couldn’t quench my thirst. I ate some thirst biscuits and offered some to Hillary.

I was wearing a red scarf which my great friend Lambert (leader of the 1952 Swiss Expedition) had given me last year. It was just a year ago on May 28th, when we were standing at 28,215 feet, that he gave me the scarf.

I wore it all the way up the mountain from Darjeeling. As I stood at the top, I remembered him and felt that he was with me. I felt absolutely fit at the summit. My mind was absolutely clear. I felt exhilarated. It was a very clear sensation.

Below, all the hills and mountains looked like gods and goddesses to me. The plains below looked like so many broken pieces of the map.

 A1] Global Understanding-[2]

Complete the following giving details from the extract–

Description of the following things from the summit –

  1. Hills and mountains –
  2. The plains –

A2] Complex factual – [2]

List the ways in which Tenzing Norgay celebrated on reaching the top.

A3] Analysis –[2]

Give Reasons

  1. Tenzing was unable to quench his thirst.
  2. Tenzing wore a red scarf up to the mountain.

A4] Personal Response:[2]

What exactly are your feelings when you achieve success in life? Explain

A5] Language study -[2]

Do as directed:

  1. They were lying flat against the summit. [Change into Past tense]
  2. As I stood at the top, I remembered him. [Use ‘No sooner….than’]

A6] Vocabulary -[2]

Find the antonyms of the following words from the extract –

  1. Cursed –
  2. Loud –
  3. Bottom –
  4. Forgot –


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