1.2 Onto the summit : We reach the top – Activity 4

Read the extract & complete the activities given below.[12]

Two or three people could stand there on the roof of the world if you cut ice. Twenty or Thirty feet below the top, there was enough flat square for two people to sleep. You could pitch one tent there. The Summit is flat on one side and steep on the other. There is snow on the Northern side, rocks on the south and East and snowy rock on the west. We stayed on the top a little more than 15 minutes. We were lucky that there was no gale, or it would have swept us off.  My next thought was how to get down safely.

On the descent from the summit, I was walking behind Hillary. I was following him and holding the rope tightly, and my determination was to make sure he descended safely. T must say that the climb down was more difficult and dangerous than the climb up. If you slipped down, you would go into Kangshung glacier and there would be no trace left of you.

More Caution needed

Of course, it took less time climbing down, but you needed more “husiar” (caution). When I reached camp nine, my first thought was: “Thank God we have been spared an accident, and if up to now there have been no accidents I hope there will be none in future.” I had always prayed to God and he had saved me.

At Camp Nine, Hillary and I were in no mood for any talking. We just attended to our own things. We stayed there for about half an hour. We boiled some snow to make lemon water and drank it. When we left, we took only our sleeping bags and left everything else behind in the tent. From Camp Nine to camp Eight, where we spent the night, was as easier job. Just above Camp Eight where the others could see us. I raised my arm with my thumb up. (C.W.F) Noyce and (W.G) Lowe saw us and their faces flushed with joy. In this way I was able to tell them of our success. As we got nearer to Camp Eight, Lowe came to meet us and came up about 300 feet with tea and coffee.

Another 50 feet down, we met Noyce who brought us more tea. This tea smelled kerosene. Apparently, it had been made in a  hurry and somehow some kerosene got into the welcome cup. But I thought since the gentleman had taken so much trouble to bring it, I was going to enjoy it whatever the smell.

 A1] Global Understanding-[2]

Rearrange the following sentences according to their occurrences in the extract.

  1. While leaving Camp Nine, Tenzing and Hillary took their sleeping bags.
  2. The tea offered by Noyce was kerosene flavoured.
  3. Tenzing and Hillary spent fifteen minutes on the summit.
  4. Climbing down was more difficult than climbing up the summit.

A2] Complex factual – [2]

Complete the following web by providing details from the extract about the description of the summit.

 A3] Analysis –[2]

Give Reasons

  1. The climbing down was more difficult.
  2. At Camp Nine, Tenzing and Hillary were in no mood to talk.

A4] Personal Response:[2]

Explain the qualities of Tenzing Norgay that you come across in this extract.

A5] Language study -[2]

Do as directed:

  1. I was following him. [Rewrite the sentence beginning with –‘He was…’]
  2. We boiled some snow to make lemon water. [Make Compound sentence]

A6] Vocabulary -[2]

Add suitable prefixes (-un, -il, im) to the words given below and rewrite them.

  1. Follow
  2. Possible
  3. Legal
  4. sure

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