1.3 The call of the soil – Activity – 2

 Read the extract & complete the activities given below. [12]

The first year I was late for the rice-sowing season and had to resort to growing the GR4 was short term and recommended by the agricultural officers at Kosbad. The next year we decided that we would start early and try to find some good traditional variety of rice to grow. We had read about traditional varieties of rice and knew that they did not require very high inputs of fertilizers. These varieties were also quite strong and resisted pests. We were sure that it was this type of rice that would grow well in our farm where we did not use any chemicals at all. Our previous year’s experience and low yield had taught us a lesson and we were sure we would not plant hybrids this year.

In April 2005, we started to look for a good variety of traditional rice. It was one of our neighbours in the village, a businessman from Mumbai who owned land, who suggested that we plant a local scented variety of rice. Most of the farmers in and around the village of Peth had switched over to hybrids. The younger generation of farmers thought I was crazy to ask for the ‘desi’ variety, as they called it. My regular visits to the villages around searching for a good traditional variety also did not yield any results and we were almost giving up hope.

I decided to give it one last try and spoke to Baban’s father and some other elders. After many meaningful conversations, they mentioned the name of Kasbai.

Kasbai is a traditional long-grained rice variety which has a distinct aroma, though much milder than Basmati. It’s a long-duration crop and most of the older people remembered growing it years ago. But they all shook their heads when I asked them about the seeds and told me that it had ‘disappeared’.

A1] Global Understanding- [2]

State whether the following statements are true or false.

  1. The writer did not wish to plant hybrids that year.
  2. The writer wanted to grow traditional variety of rice.
  3. The writer decided to plant a local scented variety of rice.
  4. The writer gave up his search for desi variety of rice.

A2] Complex factual – [2]

Complete the following.

  1. The person who suggested to plant a local scented variety of rice –
  2. The varieties of rice mentioned in the extract –

A3] Analysis – [2]

Give Reasons-

The writer wanted to grow the traditional variety of rice because..

A4] Personal Response [2]

Which plants would you like to have around your house and what care would you take to grow them? Explain.

A5] Language study [2]

Do as directed:

  1. The next year we decided that we would start early. [Make Simple sentence]
  2. I was crazy to ask for the ‘desi’ variety. [Use the gerund form of the underlined word & rewrite the sentence]

A6] Vocabulary [2]

Find words from the extract & Complete the Crossword puzzle  –

Across ͢

  1. Insane(5)
  2. Feeling of trust(4)


  1. A strong pleasant smell(5)
  2. Make attempt(3)


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