1.8 Voyaging towards excellence – Activity 4

Read the extract & complete the activities given below. [12]

After working for all these software companies for so many years, I wanted to return to my first love i.e. to read and write on various subjects concerning human life and existence. Therefore, I gave up two offers of around 3 crore rupees per annum to become a writer. This is how my second innings as a writer in Marathi began.

After this, I have written about 34 books in Marathi. Most of them have become bestsellers with tens of thousands of copies sold for each. However, it is not the sales or the money that is important to me as much as the fact that these books have brought about very good changes in the lives of thousands of readers. After reading my autobiography ‘Musafir’ and a book on Psychology “Manat, hundreds have come out of depression and more than a dozen have given up thoughts of committing suicide and decided to start all afresh. There are hundreds who tell me that they understood the theory of relativity or Big Ban reading my book on Science ‘Kimayagar’. My book ‘Boardroom’ on Management has created at least 20 successful entrepreneurs. Then there are hundreds who tell me that they now can understand Economic Times or NDTV Profit after reading my book on economics ‘Arthat’. Many have turned to Mathematics after reading my book on Mathematics “Ganiti”. The same is true about my books on Indian Music (Nadvedh), English Literature (Zapoorza), Painting (Canvas), Western Films (Limelight) and Western Music (Symphony) or books such as ‘Genius’ series, ‘Rakta’ or 4 Vitamins’ or “Anartha”. It is these reactions of thousands of readers and the feeling that I am touching the hearts of thousands, if not lakhs, of my readers that keeps me going.

Why am I telling you my story? When I look back, there are a number of lessons and values that I cherish and keep learning about even today. Some of these are: Thirst for knowledge, Curiosity, Humility. Humanity, Rationality, Equality, Team work, Quest for excellence, Never say die, Thinking big…

A1] Global Understanding- [2]

Match the pairs of books & the fields

       A                             B

1.Kimayagar         a) Economics

2.Arthat                b) Management

3.Ganiti                c) Science

4.Boardroom        d) Mathematics

A2] Complex factual – [2]

Complete –

  1. Narrator’s first love is ……
  2. The narrator’s intention in telling his life-story is ………

A3] Analysis/ Interpretation – [2]

Explain how the narrator touched the hearts of his readers?

A4] Personal Response – [2]

According to you, what is truly important in life – passion or wealth?

A5] Language Study [2]

Do as directed:

  1. There are a number of lessons & values that I cherish. [Make Simple sentence]
  2. They understood the theory of relativity. [Frame a Wh- question to get the underlined part as the answer.]

A6] Vocabulary – [2]

Frame meaningful sentences using the following words-

  1. Quest
  2. Cherish



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