Page 36- “What is big data ……………………….. data is what matters”
Read the extract & complete the activities given below. [12]

A1] Global Understanding- [2]
Mention four sources of data collection.

A2] Complex factual [2]
Complete the following-
i] Big data analytics is the complex process ………
ii] The amount of data is not important but ……..

A3] Analysis – [2]
Discuss how Big data is increasing in volume, variation, velocity, veracity & volume.

A4] Personal Response [2]
What precautions will you take when you are asked for personal details on social media? Explain.

A5] Language study – [2]
Do as directed:
i] Whatever activity we do online is recorded, monitored & analysed. [Rewrite using ‘as well as’]
ii] Everything has changed 360 degree
[Change into Present Continuous tense]

A6] Vocabulary – [2]
Find antonyms from the extract for the following words –
i] offline –
ii] tiny –
iii] Simple –
iv] decrease –

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