An Astrologer’s Day – Activity 3

 Read the following extract and complete the activities given below-(12 Marks)

The astrologer sent up a prayer to heaven as the other lit a cheroot. The astrologer caught a glimpse of his face by the matchlight. There was a pause as cars hooted on the road, jutka drivers swore at their horses, and the babble of the crowd agitated the semidarkness of the park. The other sat down, sucking his cheroot, puffing out, sat there ruthlessly. The astrologer felt very uncomfortable. “Here, take your anna back. I am not used to such challenges. It is late for me today”… He made preparations to bundle up. The other held his wrist and said “You can’t get out of it now. You dragged me in while I was passing.” The astrologer shivered in his grip and his voice shook and became faint. “Leave me today. I will speak to you tomorrow.” The other thrust his palm in his face and said: “Challenge is challenge. Go on.” The astrologer proceeded with his throat drying up: “There is a woman…”

“Stop,” said the other. “I don’t want all that. Shall I succeed in my present search or not? Answer this and go. Otherwise I will not let you go till you disgorge all your coins.” The astrologer muttered a few incantations and replied: “All right. I will speak. But will you give me a rupee if what I say is convincing? Otherwise I will not open my mouth, and you may do what you like.” After a good deal of haggling, the other agreed. The astrologer said: “You were left for dead. Am I right?”

“Ah, tell me more.”

“A knife has passed through you once?” said the astrologer.

“Good fellow!” He bared his chest to show the scar.

“What else?”

“And then you were pushed into a well nearby in the field. You were left for dead.”

“I should have been dead if some passer-by had not chanced to peep into the well,” exclaimed the other, overwhelmed by enthusiasm.

“When shall I get at him?” he asked, clenching his fist.

“In the next world,” answered the astrologer. “He died four months ago in a far-off town. You will never see any more of him.” The other groaned on hearing it. The astrologer proceeded :

“Guru Nayak-”

“You know my name!” the other said, taken aback.

Read the following extract and complete the activities given below – (12)

A1) Global Understanding (2)

State whether the following sentences are true or false.

a)      There was silence when the above scene in the extract takes place.

b)      Astrologer was uncomfortable after recognizing the other person.

c)      The astrologer happily accepted the challenge of the other person.

d)      The other person wished to know the answer of a specific question.

A2) Complex Factual (2)

Give reasons-

The other man forced the astrologer to accept his challenge.

A3) Analysis (2)

Explain in short the deal that took place between the astrologer and the other man.

A4) Personal Response (2)

Explain how you will decide about your choice of career.

A5) Language Study : Do as directed (2)

1. You were left for dead.

[Change into rhetorical sentence]

2. You will never see any more of him. (Rewrite the sentence using the modal auxiliary showing ‘possibility’ .)

A6) Vocabulary (2)

Find words/expressions from the extract which means –

1. empty

2. words spoken as magical spell

3. bargaining

4. to talk quickly 

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