Appreciation of the poem –
Song of the open road – by Walt Whitman

The song of open road’ is a classic poem written by famous American poet, Walt Whitman, over 160 years ago.
The title of the poem is very significant as Walt Whitman uses the word ‘Song’ with a definite purpose in the title. The poem is a beacon light for anyone about to embark on a journey. The poet leads a journey of life that evolves towards a better state of existence. He accepts and celebrates everything optimistically that comes along the way. The poem captures the joy, excitement & thoughts that comes with an upcoming journey.
The open road promises freedom & happiness. The poet is sure that it will give every opportunity to reinvent & explore, unleash all his potentials. But he knows that the old experiences cannot be left behind. You always have to carry your light and heavy burdens, no matter wherever you go. Travel or journey cannot be a pure escape from the past.
The poem is written in free verse. Simple poetic devices such as Alliteration, Repetition, Antithesis, Inversion, Paradox, Metaphors are used.
Use of parenthesis in the fourth stanza adds a remarkable quality to the poem. The overall appeal of the poem is enhanced by the use of imagery. – ‘long,’ ‘brown’ describes the road.
Walt Whitman strongly advocates importance of democracy & Freedom. This poem is an Ode to one’s self. It is an inspirational poem. Major themes of this poem are Freedom, joy of free life and optimism.
The poem gives the message to be optimistic and happy. This poem gives us a new attitude to look at life. I like this poem for its universal appeal. It is almost like a companion guide to the adventurer.

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