The poem ‘There is another sky’ is written by Emily Dickinson. Emily Dickinson is America’s one of the greatest and most original poets of all time. ‘There is another sky’ is an inspirational poem. It is an pertrarchan sonnet of fourteen lines consisting of two stanzas – an octave of eight  lines and a sestet of six lines. Through this poem, the poet addresses her younger brother, Austin, and urges him to return home. Home is depicted here as an another world, a garden, an ideal place.
The first stanza tells about the ‘other’ place and in the second stanza the poet urges her brother to return to this place. The poem emphasizes the serenity, peace and happiness surrounding one’s home. At the centre of the poem is the special sibling bond.
The theme of the poem is that happiness and gloom are the two sides of life and each one has to focus on what one desires. The lines of the poem are short and the language is simple. The poet has used inversion, hyperbole, onomatopoeia and alliteration. The poem is philosophical  in nature and the tone of the poem is encouraging and pleading.
The message of the poem is that one should not get affected by trials and tribulations of life. I like this poem for its universal appeal. Anybody can relate to the genuine emotions and feelings involved in this poem. The poem is like a call of return to one’s sibling who are profoundly missed.

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