Indian Weavers by Sarojini Naidu

Appreciation of the poem – Indian Weavers

The poem Indian weavers is written by Sarojini Naidu. It is a poem written in a traditional way with imagery, rhyme, and alliteration. The poet has conveyed her emotions in simple language. The poem begins by asking questions. The poet gives certain information about the time of the day & the colour of the cloth that the weavers are weaving using the question & answer form. The poem has a conversational tone.

The poem presents weavers weaving three types of garments. The weavers weave blue garments for children in the morning. They make marriage veils for queen during the day & at night silently they weave white clothes for the dead. This indicates different stages of human life, the childhood, youth & death.

The central idea of this poem is that human beings pass through different stages of life characterized by joys, responsibilities & sorrow. Poetic devices such as symbolism, alliteration, simile & imagery has been used by the poet to present the central idea of this poem. Symbols of clothes & time of the day have been used beautifully. This poem is a metaphor for the three stages of human life.

According to the poet, the journey of life- birth- begins with blue colour. The poet refers the second- adult stage of life with purple colour At this stage, human beings are quite active, they get married, & shoulder responsibilities. The third and final stage of human life is death which is emotionless & colourless white.

The rhyme scheme of the poem is aabb, ccdd, eeff

The poem is a short poem packed with imagery. I like this poem for its simple thought & artistic colourful presentation.

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