1.3 The Cop and the Anthem – Activity 1.

Page 28-30“Soapy had confidence ……..…. walked down the street”
Read the extract & then do all the activities.[12]

A1] Global Understanding- [2]
Find & write four words/expressions from the extract used for jail.

A2] Complex factual – [2]
“If only he could reach a table in the restaurant unsuspected, success
would be his.”
Explain which success is the narrator talking about here.

A3] Analysis – [2]
Find out the reasons for the following statements:
(i) Soapy stood up slowly beating the dust from his clothes.
(ii) Strong & ready hands of the head waiter turned him around.

A4] Personal Response: [2]
Do you think Soapy’s intention of going to jail was right? Explain.

A5] Language study – [2]
Do as directed:
(i) On the opposite side of the street was a restaurant of no great
pretensions. [Remove negative]
(ii) They take to their heels. [Change into Future perfect tense]

A6] Vocabulary – [2]
Find words/expression from the extract with the following meaning –
i) A heavy stick with a thick end –
ii) Tablecloth & napkins –
iii) Old & worn –
iv) Avoid doing –

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