2.3 The Inchcape Rock – Activity 3

Read the extract & complete the activities given below. [10]

So thick a haze o’erspreads the sky,
They cannot see the sun on high;
The wind hath blown a gale all day,
At evening it hath died away.

On the deck the Rover takes his stand,
So dark it is they see no land.
Quoth Sir Ralph, “It will be lighter soon,
For there is the dawn of the rising Moon.”

“Canst hear,” said one, “the breakers roar?
For methinks we should be near the shore.”
“Now, where we are I cannot tell,
But I wish we could hear the Inchcape Bell.”

They hear no sound, the swell is strong,
Though the wind hath fallen they drift along;
Till the vessel strikes with a shivering shock,
“Oh Christ! It is the Inchcape Rock!”

Sir Ralph the Rover tore his hair,
He curst himself in his despair;
The waves rush in on every side,
The ship is sinking beneath the tide.

But even is his dying fear,
One dreadful sound could the Rover hear;
A sound as if with the Inchcape Bell,
The Devil below was ringing his knell.

 A1] Global Understanding [2]

Complete the following statements.

  1. The result of the thick haze that covered the sky was that ________
  2. The Rover in frustration pulled his hair & cursed himself because _

A2] Inference [2]

The man from the Rover’s crew wish he could hear the Inchcape bell.

A3] Personal Response [2]

“As you sow, so shall you reap” – Explain your view about this statement? Explain.

A4] Poetic Devices [2]

  1. ‘Oh Christ!’
  2. ‘A sound as if with the Inchcape Bell,

          The devil below was ringing the bell’

Name & explain the figure of speech in the above lines.

A5] Poetic Creativity [2]

Compose four poetic lines of your own on Sir Ralph the Rover’s wickedness & his ultimate end.



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