2.2 The Sower – Activity 1

 Read the following extract & complete the activities given below.  [10]

Sitting in a porchway cool,

Sunlight, I see, dying fast,

Twilight hastens on to rule.

Working hours have well-nigh past.

Shadows run across the lands:

But a sower lingers still,

Old, in rags, he patient stands.

Looking on, I feel a thrill.

Black and high, his silhouette

Dominates the furrows deep!

Now to sow the task is set.

Soon shall come a time to reap.

Marches he along the plain

To and fro, and scatters wide

From his hands the precious grain;

Muse I, as I see him stride.

Darkness deepens. Fades the light.

Now his gestures to mine eyes

Are august; and strange, – his height

Seems to touch the starry skies

A1] Global Understanding [2]

Complete the following –                     

  1. The poet is sitting in a _________
  2. The poet feels a thrill when he sees ______
  3. The Sower marches to and fro to _______
  4. The Sower’s height _________                 

A2] Inference/Interpretation [2]

Give Reasons –

The poet considers the Sower’s actions to be noble and strange because…

A3] Personal Response [2]

Write in short about any task/work that you have accomplished with much efforts.

A4] Poetic Devices [2]

“Soon shall come a time to reap.”

  1. Identify and write the figure of speech in the above line.
  2. Write the rhyme scheme of the poem.

A5] Poetic Creativity [2]

Compose four poetic lines on the life of the farmer using the following words.

Giver, hard work, crops, dedication, world, soil, seasons.


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