Page 60 – 61 “Saaya, Scarface   …………… with the world”

Read the extract & complete the activities given below. [12]

A1] Global Understanding –     [2]

Complete the following sentences

  1. Madegowda is a  _________
  2. BCRTI was founded to _____ 

A2] Complex factual                 [2]

Mention the responsibilities handled by Shaaz.

A3] Analysis –                            [2]

Give Reasons-

  1. The visitors are welcomed because..
  2. Madegowda says ‘Animals are paying me back’ 

A4] Personal Response:            [2]

Write in short about a social cause you would like to get involved in.

A5] Language study –               [2]

Do as directed:

  1. Tracking an animal also teaches you life lessons. [Rewrite the sentence beginning with ‘life lessons…..’]
  2. The acquired skills enable locals to find employment. [Rewrite the sentence using the gerund form of the highlighted word]

A6] Vocabulary –                       [2]

Find & write words/phrases from the extract which mean–

  1. a neutral area between two sides not belonging to either of the sides-
  2. feeling of displeasure-
  3. detest-
  4. attack-

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