Page 59-60 “Shaaz Jung   ……………black panther’s life”

Read the extract & complete the activities given below.[12]

A1] Global Understanding-                                                 [2]

State whether the following statements are true or false

  1. One day, Shaaz and his team encountered total three leopard in the jungle.
  2. Saya is a black panther discovered by Shaaz while tracking scarface
  3. Shaaz is a multitasker & a man of many talents.
  4. The photograph of the old leopard made Shaaz famous.

A2] Complex factual                                                            [2]

Narrate in your own words the incident that inspired Shaaz to pursue wild life photography.

A3] Analysis –                                                                       [2]

Explain – “It was like looking at the past and the present”

A4] Personal Response:                                                       [2]

Write in short about the profession you would like to enter.

A5] Language study –                                                          [2]

Do as directed:

i] Other leopards like Pardus carry away livestock from villages. [Rewrite the sentence beginning with ‘Livestock…..’]

ii] I knew right then that he had taken over. [Make a Simple Sentence]

A6] Vocabulary –                                                                  [2]

Find & write words/phrases from the extract which mean–

  1. animals belonging to the family of cats-
  2. long, deep cut-
  3. person who observes & note down accounts of important events-
  4. join the separate parts together & create something-


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