Cherry Tree
Appreciation of the poem
Cherry Tree is a beautiful poem written by Ruskin Bond. It is a narrative poem describing the everyday struggle of a plant to grow & blossom. The poet’s tone is optimistic, full of wonder for the nature – he focusses on the growing aspect of nature. The poem has a beginning, middle and an end. It’s a simple poem about the poet’s innocent & pure joy. All the incidents are in nice sequence.
The poet planted a cherry seed which grew into a full blossomed tree after a wait of eight years. The poem is all about this wonderful experience and survival instinct of the tree. The time, that is the seasons and the rain helped the tree grow and the poet watched this patiently without much to do. The poem is about the poet’s sense of achievement & pride of having nurtured a tree.
The style & language of the poem is simple. Poetic devices such as Alliteration, Antithesis, Climax, Personification are used by the poet. The important aspect of this poem is its picturesque depiction & colourful imagery. The whole process of a seed turning into a plant is been made appealing to the readers with colourful & vivid description. The references of seasons, the sky, animals, birds, insects focus on the wonders of nature.
The poem gives a message of nature conservation- tree plantation & its importance. The cherry tree is indeed a ‘Giving Tree’. It also speaks about the tree’s determination to grow despite all odds.
I like the poem for its positive, optimistic tone. It encourages us to overcome the obstacles, hardships we may face in life & become resilient like the cherry tree.


Poetic Devices
Figures of speech in the poem–
1] Alliteration – Consonant sounds are repeated in successive words for melody.
Example –
a) Its arms in a fresh fierce lust
Here, the consonant sound ‘f’ is repeated pleasingly.
b) Made a miracle from green growing
Here, the consonant sound ‘g’ is repeated pleasingly.
c) Shriveled the slender stem….
Here, the consonant sound ‘s’ is repeated pleasingly
2] Antithesis – Opposite ideas/words are used together.
Example –
a) but cherries have a way of growing,
Though no one’s caring very much or knowing.
-Opposite idea of growing without caring is seen in the lines.
b) It was very small, five months child Lost in the tall grass running wild.
-Opposite ideas – small and tall are seen in the lines.
3] Climax – words, phrases, lines are arranged in ascending order of their importance.
Examples –
Pink, fragile, quick to fall
4] Personification – Human qualities are attributed to non-human, inanimate objects.
Example –
A Tree had come to stay
A tree is given the human quality of coming and staying.

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