1.3 The Cop and the Anthem – Activity – 3.

Page 31-32 

“At length Soapy reached ..…….. …….Police Court the next morning”

Read the extract & then do all the activities. [12]

A1] Global Understanding-[2]

Rearrange the following sentences according to their occurrences in the extract.                                                                                        

  1. The notes of the anthem transformed Soapy from within.
  2. A policeman arrested Soapy for loitering.
  3. Soapy came to a quaint old church.
  4. Soapy resolved to change himself.

A2] Complex factual –[2]

Describe the atmosphere when Soapy reached near the church.

A3] Analysis – [2]

   Find out the reasons for the following statements:

  1. Soapy dragged himself towards Madison Square-
  2. After listening to the sweet organ notes Soapy was cemented to the iron fence-

A4] Personal Response- [2]

Do you feel sympathy for Soapy at the end of the story? Explain.   

A5] Language study -[2]

Do as directed:

  1. He would go into the roaring downtown district. [Rewrite using the modal auxiliary showing ‘possibility’]
  2. A strong impulse moved him [rewrite the sentence beginning with –‘He was ….’]

A6] Vocabulary –[2]

Explain the specific meaning of the underlined word in the context for the following sentences –

  1. He would make a ‘man’ of himself –
  2. the anthem  that the organist played– 


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